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John McGrath

High Performance Coach

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Benefits of Working with John

Inspire and unlock you or your team’s genius.

John has a proven method for unlocking greatness. Through sheer force and control of his mind he’s been able to perform feats deemed to be impossible, earning him the moniker - The Last Strongman of Africa. In that same vein he’s been able to coach and impact athletes and business people alike - demolishing self-confining mental boundaries, propelling clients out from lethargic mediocrity and onto claiming excellence for themselves.

He is available for speaking engagements, team building events as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. He can work with you to help you to achieve performance and business excellence, motivate your staff and customers, inspire you and change how you view yourself within a few minutes.


John specializes in and can be booked for any of the following services.

Motivational Talks

John lives and breathes the concept that achieving and maintaining peak physical performance is the ultimate metaphor for changing your life. When you change your body, you change your mind...

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Corporate Wellness

The corporate world can be directly likened to the world of sport, where the very same foundational principles of high performance as an athlete and team apply to achieve business excellence as an individual and company...

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One-on-One High Performance Coaching

John endorses and exercises the CrossFit principles of maintaining constant variation of functional movement, as well as high-intensity strength and conditioning so as to dynamically and measurably optimise fitness...

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Unlock Greatness!

John believes that everyone has genius - it’s his purpose to help unlock it. Essentially everyone is born to do something at a world class level. You can be world class regardless of your profession.

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People who John has had the pleasure working with

  • When I met John in 2011, I had no idea what an enormous impact he would have on my life. We set a series of goals and by 2012 I literally over-achieved every single one of them by 20 – 30%. Out of all the many people I have met over the years of my sporting career I can single John out from them all to say what a prolific, life-changing effect he had on my sporting career. Additional to that, he also gave me super solid support for my rugby career, helping me drive forward in continuous improvement. I can honestly say that John is one of the very best and most excellent people I’ve ever met! What he can do both as an international sporting professional and what he brings to the world, is incredibly rare and powerful – like his immense ability to communicate with people in a way that changes their lives, helping them reach seemingly impossible goals and achieving their own unique excellence in all areas of their lives: physically, psychologically, in their personal lives and in business. Thank you, John, for changing my life and helping me persist in pushing for exponential excellence in my sporting career, business and character.
    Juandre Kruger
    International Rugby Player
  • I have worked with many motivational speakers in my life before, and can honestly say that John is among the most impressive and effective few. John has the ability to really and authentically relate and connect with anyone in the audience at an emotional level. His extraordinary life story enables, him to use real life examples to engage his audience which makes his talks captivating and exciting, and helps his audience to experience the journey with him. He has an incredible ability to motivate and energize a crowd in the desired direction, and through his humble and down to earth ways he also connects on the lowest level and gets the message delivered with extreme passion. Using his physical strength techniques (the bending of iron objects), John manages keep the audience engaged to the last minute. We were honoured to have him talk to our team, and are in the process of organizing a second session based on the success of the first.
    Deon Lewis
    Co-Founder & Managing Director at Cipla Nutrition
  • John is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met and I have the privilege to call him my fitness and health mentor/coach and friend. He has changed my and my family’s lives and we are becoming more and more healthy by the day to be able to fulfill our life purposes every day His motivational talks are some of the best talks you will ever hear and see!
    Johan Duraan
    Business Coach
  • After experiencing two of John’s motivational sessions - backed up by a mind-blowing performance of his amazing feats of strength, I believed that if he could succeed as a trainer and mental coach with athletes, he should do the same in the corporate world. The bottom line would be star performers who demolish their self-limiting boundaries and beliefs, and perform with highly honed excellence. What a privilege it is having John on our team! All feedback received to date has been exceptionally positive. The dynamic changes he is helping us achieve in our management is truly astounding. He helped us define clear goals with measurable targets so we can achieve our objective of becoming a world-class company.  Ranging from weight loss to reading, exercise to hobbies, or taking control where required, John’s influence has been remarkable – revolutionising both our business environment and personal lives. What makes John so radically different? He doesn’t sell hours, he sells sincerity. He doesn’t tell us what to do, he leads from within and by example. He makes people believe in their abilities, whatever it might be. The biggest attribute that, in my opinion, sets John apart is his total and unwavering belief in the person in front of him. And it is this that triggers and restores people’s own belief in themselves, empowering them to forge new, lasting modes of thinking, feeling, living, competing and doing business. Our driving objective is to become a world-class mining company by 2017. With John’s expertise and leadership, we believe we will achieve it! Watch this space…
    Louis Loubser
    Managing Director, Infrasors Holdings Limited